Sin I Cam By Johnshaven

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Bonnie Wee Johnner Hall

Tune (Bonnie wee Jeanie McCall)

A fine wee room, a bonnie wee room, is bonnie wee Johnner ha’;
The finest place you’ll ever miss, an never find at a’.
I set out for this ceilidh, in December braw an cauld
It’s nae sae much a place tae go as a way of getting auld.

A carle I met alang the way, was awfy, awfy shy,

He said that he’d been lookin too but coundna mind for why.
He’d tred up Fore and Castle street till his shoes were shilpit bare,
But he hadna hid a sicht of it and now he didna care.


Noo there’s mony a place in Johnner that is weel an fine tae be,
The Ship Hotel is couthie but a bitty sweir to see.
The museum’s right ahint you when you’re on the harbor wa’,
But trust me when you’re lookin, it isnae there at a’.


You can speir folks where the schuil is or the bowling club sae fine

I’d tell you how tae get there but I dinnae hiv the time.

For naethins where you think it is, an getting there’s a fash,

Forbye the streets can change their names, it’s a waste of time tae ask.